Resurrection: Rebirth of the Terrible Harpes continues the violent history of Micajah and Wiley Harpe. In 1799, the frontier settlements of Kentucky and Tennessee called Micajah a man who was as a wild wolf, and so he was. When Micajah was killed, the spirit of the Wolf slipped back into his own world, where he slept, and waited for the Harpe's call. When Billy Harp visited Cave-in-Rock, he was seeking to learn more of his Harpe heritage. Instead, he found the violence the cave was noted for. Inside the cave, three local men beat and robbed him, then threw his body from the high cliffs above the cave into the raging Ohio River. More dead than alive, Billy dragged himself back into the cave, where whispers from two hundred years ago led him to find a long knife that Micajah had hidden there in 1799. As Billy lost consciousness, the eyes of the sleeping Wolf opened and he began his journey back into the world of men, where once more he would become as one with the Harpe. Once more would they hunt. Once more would they feed. But first, three local men were due a visit from the Wolf.

Awesome concept, remarkable storytelling, December 26, 2006
Reviewer: Helen Paige

E. Don Harpe's second novel about the Harpe brothers is a fast paced ride through Kentucky and Mississippi that will leave the reader grasping at the arm of their chair and gasping for breath. It brings the terrible Harpes back to life to pick up where they left off in 1799, and they are no less terrible than they were in the first book. The Harpes are two of the most prolific killers in the history of America, and while the second book is fiction, you know it is spot on as to what might happen should the Harpes actually find a way to come back to life. Read this book if you are looking for action that won't turn you loose until you've turned the final page.

An amazing story told as only E. D. Harpe could tell it. After hearing of the murderous Harpe Brothers, I wondered what everyone else would wonder...what made them do it? Writer E. D. Harpe, from years of research, gives us the answer. The book, even after knowing the story, kept me turning pages. Mr. Harpe has taken a dark piece of American history and melded it into a masterpiece of story telling. From their fathers death at the hands of vigilante night riders to their grisly end by a posse, the book covers the short, yet startling lives of Micajah and Wiley Harpe. I enjoyed every page.

Jet Eller, film maker, screenwriter and director.

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