It hadn't been a good year for Morgan. First, the album hadn't sold as well as everyone had predicted,  and the last single had died without breaking the top twenty. Ticket sales to his concerts dropped off early in the summer, and then not one but two of the tour busses had broken down and the repairs cost every penny he made for two concerts. Worst of all, his bookings had begun to drop soon after the tickets sales did. Now here it was almost Christmas with only two more shows to play this year, and he knew both shows together wouldn't even come close to meeting the next payroll. He'd have to make up the difference out of his pocket again. Doing that would just about take all the money he had left. What the hell is next?


Music City Myth is an insider's look at the choices, rewards, and the possible perils that await would be songwriters and entertainers who decide to come to Nashville with the hope of making it in the glamorous but often gritty world of country music. Songs sharks do indeed swim in Nashville's murky waters, and this book just might be the one thing that keeps you from becoming fish food.